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Facts about Alcohol

Alcohol Facts – Men in general, can normally drink more than women. The reason for this is, men are generally bigger and have more tissue to absorb the alcohol. Also, men have higher levels of alcohol dehydrogenise (AHD) the chemical that metabolises alcohol in the liver, which means their body can deal with alcohol much quicker.

Alcohol Facts – About

  • 40% of people admitted to A&E in hospitals (Accident and Emergency) are due to alcohol related injuries or illness. Between midnight and 5am that figure rises to 70% (NHS Clinical Knowledge Studies)
  • Alcohol related accidents are the biggest single cause of accidents in the home, with 4000 fatal domestic accidents per year, and 2,600,000 accidents that required treatment at A&E per year, and millions more minor accidents. (lbid)
  • A third of all fires are caused by people who are under the influence of alcohol. There were 270 people killed in fires in 2007/2008 which a third were alcohol related deaths. (Glucksman, E, 1994 ‘Alcohol and accidents’, British Medical Bulletin no. 50, pp. 76-84)

Facts Continued

  • A frightening thought, but alcohol kills more people in a 12 month period than Heroin, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and methadone put together. (NHS figures, 2008)
  • According to the NHS figures 2008, more than 30,000 people a year die from alcohol related illness. That’s over 80 people a day, everyday. (NHS figures, 2008)
  • 40% of men (2 out of every 5) drink more than their recommended daily limit, while a quarter of men drink twice the daily limit. (NHS Information centre – Statistics on Alcohol: England, 2008)
  • 50% of domestic violence can be attributed to alcohol. (Home office figures, 2007)
  • 40% of child abuse is committed whilst under the influence of alcohol. (Home office figures, 2007)
  • 60% of A&E patients are there due to alcohol related problems. (Home office figures, 2007)
  • Drink Driving: 12 people die every week due to drinking and driving related accidents. (Government figures, 2008)
  • Alcohol Facts related falling accidents: 22% male and 14% female had falls under the age of 65. 12% male and 4% female had falls over the age of 65. (Alcohol Attributable Fractions for England)
  • NHS figures for 2008 show that 1,000 young people a week suffered facial injuries due to a drunken assault. Most happened on a Friday or Saturday night after 10.00pm. (NHS figures, 2008)

Alcohol Poisoning

Your body is capable of processing one unit of alcohol an hour. Poisoning is mainly caused by binge drinking, as your body is unable to process the alcohol quick enough. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal.
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