Rehab Centres (inside)

Alcohol Rehab Rehab Centres (inside)
Alcohol Rehab Rehab Centres (inside)

Rehab Centres – Inside

A lot of rehab centres have their living accommodation away from the main centre. The patients would live in a normal house with other patients. Everyday they would have a supervised walk to the centre and every evening back to the house. Most centres have several houses which are used for this purpose.

Below is an example of what a rehabilitation centre looks like inside.


Rehab centres are very much like offices with counselling and group therapy rooms a through most doors. You will always find rehab centres very relaxed places to be, and invariably most of the staff are long term recovered addicts themselves. A lot of addicts go through tremendous fear about going to rehab. Partly because they don’t really want to give up, and also the unknown of a rehab centre. Going to a proper private rehabilitation centre is nothing like going to an AA meeting in your home town. We are proud to say we have a minimum of 85% long term success, against the NHS’s 2% long term success rate. Yes 2%

All our centres and clean at all times. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. Everyone is there to help you. We can help, and we will help. Call Tel: 07811 606 606 in complete confidence for free advice.

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