Cost of Illegal Drugs

Rehab Cost of Illegal Drugs
Rehab Cost of Illegal Drugs

Cost of illegal drugs


A gram of Cocaine Powder costs between £30 and £50

Crack Cocaine

A rock of Crack Cocaine costs between £10 and £20. It can be sold cheaper by the slice or as a clubbing rock for around £10


An LSD tab sells for anywhere between £1 and £5.


Ecstasy sells between £3 and £8 per pill depending on where you live and the type of pill you buy.

GHB and GBL (Liquid Ecstasy)

GHB and GBL are liquid Ecstasy. You would pay around £15 for a 30ml plastic container full.

Magic Mushrooms

If you know where to find them, you can pick them for free. If not, they will cost you £5 for a handful of them. The price does vary depending in which part of the country you buy them.


For a hit, which is a small bunch of leaves, the price will be around £4

Speed (Amphetamines)

A wrap of speed will cost around £8 to £12.


A 5mg capsule will cost around £1